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We are passionate about helping everyone take charge of their life through the food they eat. We promote the power of clean and healthy food to enhance performance.



440 South State Road 7 Suite 200 Royal Palm Beach, FL 33414 US


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11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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We opened our first eatery in Syracuse in May of 2015. We are all people who have been in the food & restaurant business for a lot of years. We’re as passionate as ever. But, as we all watched things move toward convenience and away from the whole foods that our bodies really need, we saw a “real” opportunity. What if there were a place that sought out the best foods available and then prepared those foods right there instead of having a truck deliver pre-prepared foods full of all kinds of who-knows what? What if a great bowl of greens & grains could be topped with dressings that were whole carrots and fresh herbs just minutes before?

What if we simmered bone broth and vegetable broth every night in each eatery? What if grass-fed steak, all-natural chicken and fresh tofu were being grilled right there too, where the customer could see it? Why should it be so hard for someone to find food that tastes really great, without feeling like they have to give up their health to get it? In fact – what if it actually powered their lives? Those kinds of questions all get answered here. We think that kind of a place is more than a restaurant… that kind of a place is CoreLife!

We’ve created CoreLife Eatery to bring clean, healthy and great tasting foods to everyone every day. We feature hearty bowls that are complete meals in themselves featuring greens, grains and bone broths. All of our ingredients are free of GMO’s, trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners and other artificial additives. Our chicken and steak are sustainably raised, and never ever given antibiotics or hormones. We buy local when and where we can, in fact, check out our “local” wall to see what’s in season around us. We also believe that hiring local team members to prepare our food, and paying them well, is much better than having it come “ready to eat” from a manufacturing plant across the country.






4 reviews for “Corelife Eatery

  1. Christie C

    Ugh this place is SO AMAZING. everything is made fresh and the salad is perfection. It’s all gluten free, it’s all healthy, and it’s all so fulfilling. They even have these juices that are literally so refreshing you’ll be glad they let you do refills!!! So so yummy. Definitely 5 stars.

  2. Mike L

    it’s like a WAYY healthier version of chipotle. I would revisit! Also Shout out to the lady that helped with my bowl I forgot to get her name but she deserves a raise!!

  3. Lynn R

    If you are wanting healthy fresh flavorful food, this is the place for you. We had the Korean pork bbq bowl topped with a fried egg. So good, very satisfying.

    We also had the taco bowl with jicama. It goes so well together and a side if their naan bread. Was the perfect touch.

    We tried their maple bacon Brussels spouts, I have to admit I’m a bit of a brussel sprout snob and these were just ok.

    I definitely recommend giving this place a try if you’re tired of fast food that’s greasy and unhealthy

  4. Zoe S

    Tried this for the first time tonight. WOW fresh food, home cooked and healthy. Ordered the Taco bowl for my husband. Excellent. I got the kale chicken Caesar – sooo good. My daughter wanted chicken soup. Tastes very good – homemade like mine. We also tried their Bai drink line. Cocofusion only 1 sugar and very tasty. I went at 8pm and I am wondering why it isn’t slammed.

    PEOPLE this is fresh home cooked good. Healthy. This same place if it opened in Delray Beach would be packed all day.

    If you haven’t tried it, try it. Low sodium. Fresh. Tasty. Fast. And very friendly!!!


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