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At Jimmy John’s, we don’t make sandwiches. We make The Sandwich of Sandwiches. We use fresh vegetables because we don’t hate salads, we just feel bad for them.



155 S State Road 7, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33414


26.6650215, -80.2027913




10:30AM- 9PM


10:30AM- 9PM


10:30AM- 9PM


10:30AM- 9PM


10:30AM- 9PM


10:30AM- 9PM


10:30AM- 9PM


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At Jimmy John’s, we don’t make sandwiches. We make The Sandwich of Sandwiches. We use fresh vegetables because we don’t hate salads, we just feel bad for them. We hand-slice our provolone cheese and meats in-house every day, because packaged pre-sliced meats doesn’t have the same ring to it. And we bake bread all day, every day because stale bread isn’t bread, it’s… croutons. The flavors of fresh-veggies, combined with hand-sliced meats and fresh-baked bread is what makes a Jimmy John’s sandwich The Sandwich of Sandwiches.

Our French and wheat sandwich bread is baked right in the store where you can see it. French bread is baked throughout the day and never served more than 4 hours old!
If no bread is more your style, we prep fresh leaves of lettuce to make your favorite sandwich into a lettuce-wrapped Unwich. All sandwich, no bread.

Our lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, and celery are hand-sliced daily in every store.

Our condiments are made using premium ingredients, including our own Jimmy Mustard, Hellmann’s mayo, Grey Poupon Dijon mustard and StarKist tuna!

Our Jalapeno, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, and Regular Jimmy Chips are cooked in 100% peanut oil. We also offer lower-calorie Thinny Chips. Regular Jimmy Chips and Thinny Chips have just three ingredients: potatoes, salt and peanut oil. That’s it!

Both our Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip cookies are made with real butter, real egg and real vanilla. We use Ghirardelli chocolate chips because even dessert should be high quality!

Our jumbo kosher dill Jimmy Pickles are crispy and delicious.

Made by hand right in our stores, using buttermilk, Jimmy Peppers and special seasoning. Our Kickin’ Ranch is perfect for dipping your favorite sandwich or Jimmy Chips!





7 reviews for “Jimmy John’s

  1. Carol S

    The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the old woman taking my order. Very short/unfriendly and snippy as if there was a long line and a need to rush. There was only one other person behind me and two people on register so I’m not sure I understand the attitude I was given to given so quickly.

    Went there Saturday afternoon and I personally love Jimmy John’s. I’ve always gotten the same quality sandwich and I’m one who doesn’t love a ton of meat on a sandwich.

  2. Zoey B

    For some reason, I never really thought about ordering from here. I always ordered subs for my business meetings from another deli sandwich place which I thought was very good but they shut down. So I really needed to find a place that opens pretty early and can accommodate me. But first I wanted to try it out for myself.

    We ordered a beef and chicken cheesesteak, turkey sandwich and Italian sub. All very tasty and done nicely. I really like the meats are thinly sliced. It gives the sandwich a better texture when it’s thinly sliced. The cheese on the cheesesteak is delicious. And the bread is fresh. All the toppings fresh too.

    Upon ordering and upon picking up and upon asking questions, all employees were smiling, helpful, and fast.

    Surprisingly pleased at Jimmy John’s. And very affordable! See you all soon!

  3. Abdy G

    I had an issue with a delivery person and called in and asked for a manager. A nice guy answered the phone and I asked if he was the manager, to which he replied “no, I’m the owner”. Perfecto!!

    I told him about my issue, he thanked me for bringing the issue to his attention and we discussed how constructive criticism can help businesses. He offered me a credit, to which I refused but eventually relented as it was my kid who placed the order and well, he can use that credit.

    The owner (wish I remembered his name) was nice, easy to talk to and funny. By the end of our 5 minute conversation we were chatting like buddies.

    He didn’t yell at me, threaten, call me a liar or talk down to me like so many of the 1 star reviews I have left in the past. He was concerned about his business and the service of his workers, plain and simple…he cared about the customer experience.

  4. Kolton R

    If you are looking for a quick lunch with fresh ingredients, a sandwich done right never fails you &
    neither does getting your satisfaction so quick you can’t even believe it. I usually love to watch them make the sandwiches because it just amazes me how fast they do them, I mean like 60 seconds fast!!!

    However do you COVID this time & to help them with social distancing incase they were busy…
    I placed an online order while I sat in my truck, got down and in less then 3 minutes as I entered they had 4 of them ready!

    I mean literally their “Freaky Fast” motto is legit.
    How did I take longer just to walk there?!

    Download their app, join their rewards program and also enjoy $5 off periodically or a Free Cookie and sometimes FREE delivery!!!

  5. Madison E

    Quick and easy pickup when ordering ahead! The ingredients were fresh and the sandwiches tasted delicious. Knocking off a star bc there could have been a bit more toppings in the sandwiches and they were out of a few ingredients I wanted. BUT the overall quality was really great and I will be going back for sure.

  6. JimmyJones

    Aloha. Tony Bolognavich here. People call me the King of Cold Cuts. As you can see, the sandwich business has been real good to me. Of course it’s not that tough. Just take some bargain brands, slap on a little not-quite-meat, get yourself a catchy jingle. I got ham, salami, pepperoni, capicola And what do you got? Boom! Sandwich pool. But now I’ve got this Jimmys John showing up on my turf telling me that they’ve got the sandwich of all sandwiches. I think not. These try-hards fresh bake their bread all day. What do you need fresh bread for? Huh? You got the delicate taste palette of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen? Big deal, you got all-natural meats sliced by hand. I got “turkey” and ham made by science. I’m good. You wanna come after me, Jimmys Johns? My books are clean. But to come into my home… Gloria! And go after my family… now it’s personal. Oh, look. I’m Jimmys Johns and I have high quality, reasonably priced sandwiches. They’re all customizable and convenient for your busy modern life. I’m the King. You think I’m gonna let some two-first-name sandwich steal my throne? No way, Jose. You may got fresh tomatoes Jimmys Johns, but I got loyalties. Stevie, you’re dead to me! I’m comin’ for you Jimmys Johns. This is war. Sandwich war.
    via @popisms : https://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/214028/Jimmy-Johns-Commercial-for-Super-Bowl-LV-2021-Meet-the-King-Big-Game-Ad-Ext

  7. jessica

    I would be giving them a 5 star if the staff would have been nice. The Gargantuan had everything that is was suppose to and very nicely distributed. This truly is the first time I received a sandwich made so nicely. My check # was 67, so whoever made it should get a pat on the back or a high five. As for the friendly/nice, well I was not greeted at all and I asked where the orders are he just pointed to the wall. He was not working with another customer. Just being a little friendly would have been nice.
    However the sandwich was great and I recommend the Jimmy Johns over subway.

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