Jupiter Donuts Lantana

“The crew of Jupiter Donuts work tirelessly day and night to bring you superbly handcrafted gourmet donuts so beautiful they’ll bring a tear to your eye.”



6346 Lantana Rd Suite 62, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33463


26.590993572315, -80.146129498197




6 AM – 1 PM


6 AM – 1 PM


6 AM – 1 PM


6 AM – 1 PM


6 AM – 1 PM


6 AM – 1 PM


6 AM – 1 PM

*We close at 1pm, or when we sell out of donuts, whichever comes first! Please contact your store directly, as some store hours may vary.


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Over 40 handcrafted donuts that are out of this world with 44% Love, 43% Passion, 12% Artistry, 1% Know- How

We start with the freshest ingredients and handcraft each and every donut. Starting at midnight our donut engineers begin the process of creating the fresh donuts you crave. We open at 6am so you better get here early.

All our bagels, croissants, and southern style sausage gravy are made fresh every night. Real eggs, deli sliced American cheese, bacon, ham, sausage or a Trenton New Jersey favorite: the pork roll. Each sandwich is made to order and with our coffee is the perfect breakfast.






13 reviews for “Jupiter Donuts Lantana

  1. Vihan A

    Best BEC (breakfast sandwich) I’ve had in the state of Florida with quality service and donuts that only seem to get more delicious and chaotic. Any location exceeds expectations

  2. Jim P

    It’s been more than a year since my last review of Jupiter Donuts, so time for an update. (My lack of reviews in the intervening time period doesn’t mean I haven’t been chowing down on these delightful sweets!)

    I’m happy to report the donuts are amazing as ever. Just walking into the store and staring at the wall full of decadent donuts and toppings makes my taste buds quiver and my mouth water.

    I practically inhaled a banana coconut donut. Great taste combo!

    My wife couldn’t decide which donut to try (so many chocolate options and only one mouth to fill). The obvious choice was the Kitchen Sink chocolate donut covered with a variety of candy bar pieces. She enjoyed the variety of flavors.

    Those evil people who create the donuts know we’ll be back for more!

  3. Maria O

    Amazing Donuts and Amazing Service. The Lantana location has so many unique flavors that the Boynton location does not have, so it’s worth it for me to drive the extra miles to come to this one. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted when I got to the store but the young girl working at the counter was very patient and even helped me narrow down some of my choices. I ended up getting a whole dozen because they all sounded so good. The red velvet churro sounds like an odd combo but is amazing and the other cool flavors like French toast, chunky monkey, guava cream cheese, and key lime pie were amazing as well. Definitely recommend this location and will be coming back again to try some different flavors.

  4. Shawna M

    These donuts are like the original Texas Roadhouse yeast rolls level type of melt in your mouth good. Major upgrade in quality compared to the usual DD run. Get there early because they do and will sell out of the good ones! You can call an order in the day before, which I highly recommend doing especially if you’re trying to catch some yum mines on the weekend.

    My favorite hands down, is the kronut. Croissant + donut = life.

    I’ve been to 3 of their locations, customer service has never an issue. We went today to pick up some special ordered donuts for my sons birthday and the young lady working was very nice, listening to how excited he was about it being his birthday.

    This location isn’t as experienced as other locations, but you can order custom donut shapes, designs etc. Give em a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Edward D

    Killer speciality donuts. A dozen is ~$15, which is a steal considering the variety.

    Showed up around 1000 on a Sunday and they still had a great selection of some of the basics and almost all of the specialty donuts.

    The ladies running the shop were still super peppy and friendly even after half the day was over.

    The maple bacon bar was not a part of the dozen, but that was best the donut hands down. From the donuts, I felt that the French toast and the kitchen sink donuts were the best. The butterfinger, butter crunch, red devil donuts were the next best donuts.

    The iced coffee was good as well.

    Would definitely come back to get more interesting donuts.

  6. Carl G

    We’ve heard great things about the sinfully delicious donuts at Jupiter Donuts, and we were thrilled when we stumbled across their location in the Lake Worth shopping center at Jog Rd & Lantana. Unfortunately, it was after 1:00 pm and they were closed. So we stopped by another day at about 10:30 am with the hope of snagging a couple of these beauties.

    Alas, we learned the hard way that the early bird (6:00 am) gets the good donuts. We had to “settle” for chocolate glazed and maple glazed donuts. While they were delicious and easily among the best donuts we’ve ever had, we were disappointed that we couldn’t try one of Jupiter Donuts more creative offerings (for example, peanut butter cup, banana cream pie, or maybe a kronut).

    Looks like we’ll be heading back to Jupiter Donuts bright and early next time!

  7. Dave B

    Some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. I had heard so much about them, but was never able to get them since they typically sold out before the morning was over. My gf and I decided to wake up at 6 am to go get a dozen. They were only 15 bucks! What a great deal for that level of variety.

    My favorites were the dough-based doughnuts (as opposed to the cake ones). Can’t go wrong with the French toast flavor, strawberry, or just plain glazed. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area!

  8. Julia M

    I’d been to their other location(s) and thoroughly enjoyed their freshly baked “melt in your mouth” donuts, so I had eagerly awaited their new location in Lantana/Lake Worth.

    When we’d been in the area to get take out from the Greek restaurant nearby, we saw they were open. I figured we’d better come early to get the best selection as at other places they close when they have sold out.

    We got here before noon and there was a short (socially distanced) line to get donuts. One gal was annoyingly talking on her phone the whole time while she selected her different dozen donuts and took forever.

    When we got to the register, both servers were wearing masks. It was a little difficult figuring out what to order (I knew I wanted their banana coconut) as there weren’t signs on each variety — only on some of them. And it was hard to hear what the guy was saying through his mask.

    One of our donuts will be a mystery as I have no idea what the guy said it was! But the others in the half dozen we got were 2 of the banana coconut, one Boston cream, one Samoa, and one a cinnamon sugar.

    Outside the store there were two tables and chairs. Unfortunately they were occupied by a few people sitting without masks. We tried to avoid them.

    We couldn’t resist having a “taste” as soon as we got back to the car. I had a piece of the coconut one and he had the cinnamon sugar. Both were delicious.

    We know we will be back in the future when we we have a donut craving!

  9. Patty M

    Wow these donuts are so good. I order half a dozen for $ 10.25. I bought red velvet with churros. I loved the blueberry donut. We got one that is samosa with coconut flakes very good. Cinnamon with brown sugar. If you ever in town or close by . Don’t forget and drop by this place you will not regret it. Great customer service too.

  10. Rebecca E

    They have over 40 varieties of donuts backed Dailey. They sell out very quickly on weekends so make sure to visit early. My sons go tomos still chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Would live if they offered a keto donut.
    Great place to grab donuts when you have guests in town. Locations all over palm beach county

  11. Alexa O

    Excellent customer service and great donuts!

    The young man working was very polite – held the door open for customers, and was very kind. The other woman working was older and seemed very stressed out. She said she had been there since 3 am and needed a break.

    My favorite donuts from what we ordered:

    1. Maple Bacon
    2. Chunky Monkey
    3. Samoa or Mint

    The chunky monkey was surprisingly delicious! The icing has a light banana flavor, but it is not overpowering and the chocolate chips and walnuts accent it well together. Tastes just like the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream haha!

    The Samoa was amazing as well, chocolate frosting with a generous portion of toasted coconut and caramel and chocolate drizzles on top – tasted like the Girl Scout Cookie!! (So good!)

    The chocolate mint was equally amazing! It was a chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing and mint chocolate chunks on top!

    The Maple bacon, Kronut, and Apple Fritters are specialty donuts, so they must be ordered separately and cannot be included in the dozen you order.

    The person in front of me in line ordered 50 maple bacon donuts LOL they didn’t call in ahead, so the entire maple bacon donut display was gone after that. I inquired with the cashier if they might have any left over and he checked with the bakers, and they made 2 more fresh for us! So nice!

    The fruity pebble and the French toast donut were good, but nothing notable in my opinion. I thought the French toast one would have more of the eggy French toast texture, but it’s just a regular donut with like a maple and cinnamon topping.

  12. Brian M

    Get out of this world. You deserve a donut. Really.

    This new location is a great spot in Lake Worth located on the southeast corner of Lantana and Jog. I’m super happy that I don’t have to drive to the one in Boynton since the new location is only five minutes away from me. I got extremely lucky and didn’t have to wait in a long line for a doughnut on a weekday morning around 9ish. Whether the line is short or long, it goes rather quickly with the fast paced staff who always strives for excellent customer service.

    The shop is small and filled with creative and unique doughnuts for all to enjoy. It’s open until 1 p.m. daily or closes earlier when the supply runs out for the day, so it’s better to go earlier in the day to grab the favorites before it’s gone. I went for a vanilla frosted oreo crumble topped with a peanut butter drizzle doughnut and a mocha latte. The doughnut was a win and the coffee was so-so. I had to add a little more sugar to the joe since it wasn’t flavored as much as I would have liked it to be ;P The prices are a little more than the usual competitors and it’s worth it for the creative doughnuts that are fresh and yummy.

  13. Emily Jones

    On a recent family trip, we heard that this was the place to get donuts. Advice was given to get there early. We arrived and kid you not, there was a man leaning against the building, donut in hand, SAVORING his donut – we knew this was going to be good.

    A small wait for our turn and we were up at the counter, the strategy we had in place for ordering went into effect. The staff are friendly and efficient.

    I got a classic glaze, red velvet cake, and somoas. Each one was packed full of flavor and fluffy. A day later, the donut hadn’t lost its moistness.

    This will be back on our to-do list next year!

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