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Fridays in Royal Palm Beach, FL is America’s bar and grill. We embrace and celebrate our heritage as a bar. One that just happens to serve killer food in an environment where it’s always Friday



580 N State Road 7, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411


26.6801153, -80.2024609




11AM- 1AM


11AM- 1AM


11AM- 1AM


11AM- 1AM


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11AM- 2AM


11AM- 1AM


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Alan Stillman opened the first TGI Fridays restaurant in 1965, in New York. He lived in a neighborhood with many airline stewardesses, fashion models, secretaries, and other young, single people on the East Side of Manhattan near the Queensboro Bridge on the corner of East 63rd and 1st Avenue, and hoped that opening a bar would help him meet women. At the time, Stillman’s choices for socializing were non-public cocktail parties or “guys’ beer-drinking hangout” bars that women usually would not visit; he recalled that “there was no public place for people between, say, twenty-three to thirty-seven years old, to meet.” He sought to recreate the comfortable cocktail party atmosphere in public despite having no experience in the restaurant business.

With $5,000 of his own money and $5,000 borrowed from his mother, Stillman purchased a bar he often visited, The Good Tavern at the corner of 63rd Street and First Avenue, and renamed it TGI Fridays after the expression “Thank God it’s Friday!” from his years at Bucknell University. The new restaurant, which opened on March 15, 1965, served standard American cuisine, bar food, and alcoholic beverages, but emphasized food quality and preparation. The exterior featured a red-and-white striped awning and blue paint; the Gay Nineties interior included American-made Tiffany-style lamps, mostly by the Somers family, wooden floors, Bentwood chairs, and striped tablecloths; and the bar area added brass rails and stained glass. The employees were young and wore red-and-white striped soccer shirts, and every time someone had a birthday, the entire restaurant crew came around with a cake and sang TGI Fridays’ traditional birthday song. Footage of interviews with patrons from this TGI Fridays was featured in Robert Downey Sr.’s film No More Excuses (1968). The first location closed in 1994 and is now a British pub called “Baker Street”; the brass rails are still there.

Although Malachy McCourt’s nearby eponymous bar preceded TGI Fridays and Stillman credited the media for creating the term, he had unintentionally created one of the first singles bars. It benefited from the near-simultaneous availability of the birth-control pill and Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique: I don’t think there was anything else like it at the time. Before TGI Fridays, four single twenty-five year-old girls were not going out on Friday nights, in public and with each other, to have a good time. They went to people’s apartments for cocktail parties or they might go to a real restaurant for a date or for somebody’s birthday, but they weren’t going out with each other to a bar for a casual dinner and drinks because there was no such place for them to go.







6 reviews for “TGI Fridays

  1. Dina B

    Food was alright, but the service was so slow. While they were short staffed, everyone appeared to be moving in slow motion. I saw a couple parties just leave without ordering, and I would have also, but had placed my order.

    This place used to be much better.

  2. Shannon T

    Good food, great drinks, good waitress. We had a ball!! All of our food was cooked to order and we didn’t have to send anything back. The table, plates and cutlery were clean. Our waitress was prompt and courteous. If we are ever back in the area we will visit again.

  3. Summer H

    I’ve been coming to TGI Fridays for years I finally ran into the best bartender I have ever seen her name was Casey. I was shocked when she told me she was in training. My drinks where made perfectly and my food was delivered correct. I couldn’t be happier with a service. I will be coming back for sure!

  4. Marla H

    I ordered delivery through Uber Eats! Got a whiskey chicken sandwich and a cinnamon caramel pecan cheesecake that was soo delish. A good portion size and I wanted to save some for later but alas, it was devoured within five minutes.. sandwich was great too! They even gave me a side of the sauce they use to marinate the chicken with. 10/10 meal

  5. Troy B

    It’s been a while since we last visited TGI Fridays and I was very excited to learn that they were open to dine in. We stopped in just before 6 pm on a Friday. It was pretty empty and we’re sat right away. Our waitress stopped by almost immediately and took our drink and appetizer order. Their menu has been reduced but they still had a pretty decent selection. We had the bucket of bones as our appetizer. It included big ribs with a whiskey glaze, wings in BBQ sauce and seasoned fries. They were delicious, I always enjoy how the ribs just fall off the bone. For our entrees, my 7 year old had their crispy chicken tenders and fries. He ate all of the chicken and most of the fries which means they were up to his standards. My 14 year old had the center cut sirloin with a side of mashed potatoes and fries. The mentioned that all though the steak had good flavors, the meat was a bit chewy and didn’t completely finished it. My husband had the Fridays Big Ribs whiskey glazed meal with sides of Mac & cheese and fries. He really enjoyed his ribs and Mac & cheese (Mac was super gooey and delicious). The rack of ribs was large enough for him to eat all he could and take the rest home. I had the simply grilled salmon with sides of broccoli and mashed potatoes. The salmon was simply delicious and seasoned to perfection. Of course I had a Fridays strawberry margarita. Even though I asked for it to be frozen and was served on the rocks, it was still delicious. Out waitress as well as the manager stopped by our table several times, even as the place got a lot busier. They were both very attentive and friendly. Kudos to the staff and management for doing such a great job during these crazy times.

  6. Georgetta B

    I had my nails done nearby and decided I needed a quick bite! I have always enjoyed TGIFridays and stopped in and was pleasantly surprised to see about 8 tables filled with customers and a few at the bar.I sat at the bar and Cindy was right there offering drink options. She was taking care of the bar and the tables in the bar which were filled. She is amazing! Never letting anyone wait for drinks or to order.
    It is such a pleasant atmosphere. Very family friendly and spotless.
    I ordered a Margarita and mozzarella sticks.
    The margarita was perfect! I’ve never had one before but definitely a fan now.
    The mozzarella sticks came out crispy and piping hot! Cheesy gooey goodness!
    The service and food were great!
    Looking forward to returning!

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