The Cheesecake Factory

With more than 250 items on our menu, it may be hard to believe that we make things fresh and from scratch in each restaurant – but it’s true!



701 S Rosemary, Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401


26.707473, -80.0573478




11AM- 10PM


11AM- 10PM


11AM- 10PM


11AM- 10PM


11AM- 10PM


11AM- 10PM


11AM- 10PM


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With more than 250 items on our menu, it may be hard to believe that we make things fresh and from scratch in each restaurant – but it’s true! Our prep kitchens are one of the busiest spots in our restaurants, and it’s where the magic begins every day.

We are passionate about creating delicious memorable experiences for our guests, and its all starts with fresh, high quality ingredients – in each and every dish.

Our dishes are freshly prepared by our talented teams who show great care and finesse in hand- crafting each item to order.

Some in the restaurant industry have called us crazy for having such extensive menu that’s made fresh from scratch, but nothing makes us happier than creating delicious memorable experiences for our guests.





10 reviews for “The Cheesecake Factory

  1. Sandy M

    Stopped in for my first visit in 9 or 10 years. Our party of four was promptly seated on a Sunday afternoon and we quickly had a basket of halved loaves of bread. I started by ordering an iced tea. Our server asked if I wanted black tea or tropical tea. I asked if black tea is the same as just “regular iced tea.” She said yes. When the iced tea arrived, I did not like the taste so I sent it back. I asked the price of the Skinny Sangria as there was no price on the menu. Our server did not know but she said she would check. I was never advised of the price and then the drink arrived at the table. It was good, but I don’t think it was worth the $12.95 that appeared on the bill. I was also charged $3.95 for the iced tea that I returned.

    For lunch I had the Skinny Chopped Salad ($14.95). Generous portion and lots of freshly Chopped ingredients. It was ok but nothing special for me.

  2. Hilda N

    Very delicious cheesecakes, very popular location. We always tend to get slower customer service at cheesecake factory. For example, whipped cream was out so they made us wait what felt like 30 minutes to make more even after we told them we didn’t want the whipped cream. Weird

  3. Dimas J

    Booked for 4 online. Went in, ended up with a table for 2. Had to switch it up, talked to the manager, wasted time but ended up getting what I originally wanted. Our server was not the fastest, not refilling our waters and not taking dirty plates off the table definitely is the reason why I’m giving it 4 stars. The chef did outstanding job and food came out very very very good, the chef saved it. I gave him a huge compliment at the end, hope that made his night!

  4. Spencer M

    Stopped in for a quick drink waiting for my shuttle. Sabrina a great bartender greeted me warmly.
    I’ve never had a coconut mojito but love coconut! She made me a coconut mojito which was amazing! Absolutely delicious!
    Greens service great atmosphere!

  5. Nicole N

    Really nice lunch spot. Everything flatbread pizza was delicious! Loved the crispy buttery crust loaded with flavor-full toppings: sausage, red onions, cheese and more. Fried calamari appetizer was a bit salty but otherwise also very good–crispy and tender. Chicken chili was a large portion but disappointed with small portion of rice included. Salmon was a bit salty. Frozen Mango Strawberry drink was absolutely terrific, beautifully presented, thick and refreshing. Generous portions for the most part.

    Great server–friendly, adequately attentive and quickly resolved issues with our order.

  6. Uzmani U

    How can u go wrong with cheesecake factory. It’s like guilty pleasure. Deep fried food with loads of calories and huge amounts. We always end up bringing so much food back. Love there appetizers, even more than the entree. They also have amazing milk shakes but don’t visit if u are watching your diet

  7. Chantal Q

    This Cheesecake Factory location never disappoints! I have been here several times and each time they deliver! I usually get the miso salmon which is always cooked to perfection and they always give me such a substantial piece! I’ve had several other dishes here as well Jamaican shrimp, chicken Romano, as well as some drinks raspberry lemon drop (delicious) and each time it’s great! Just wanted to shout them out check out this huge piece salmon! (I asked for no snow peas).

  8. Gabi D

    Average quality Cheesecake Factory location. West Palm Beach had no water that was safe. Had to have bottled beverages only.
    Service was excellent. Enjoyed my lettuce wrapped tacos. Baby’s pasta was undercooked. Was quiet at lunch time. City Place Mall location is still slow business with customers.

  9. love the red velvet cheesecake. the servers are a little overwhelmed so the experience with them was not the best luckily i come for the cheesecake and chicken tenders so it does not matter.

  10. We love going here on date night. It’s always a good meal, great appetizers and salads, and we both love the desert.

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